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Precious metal coins are good investments in a shaky economy such as the one we have right now. But not all precious metal coins are created equal. You want to make sure you are investing in authentic precious metal coins before you invest your money. You want to make sure you're getting the pure precious metal you're buying such as platinum, silver, and gold. There is one way to guarantee that you are buying the best precious metal coins and that is to buy American Eagle coins minted by the United States government. Take a few moments to read this article and you will be better informed about investing in precious metals and precious metal coins.

Why invest in precious metals? The theory is that as the stock market declines and the dollar falls in value, precious metals rise in value. Or at least that's what the theory was. That theory has actually changed to fact which you can see in the dramatic rise in gold, platinum, and silver prices in recent years. Precious metals provide a hedge against volatile stock and bond markets.

Why invest in coins? Coins provide the tangible means of investing in precious metals. They are portable and very liquid. You can buy and sell them in investment markets all around the world very easily.

So which coins should you buy? In the mid 1980s, the United States government authorized the U.S. Mint to produce gold bullion and silver bullion coins. Since then they have been the most popular choice for investors and coin collectors alike.

Since these coins come from the U.S. Government, their value is guaranteed. As long as you know the market price of gold, silver, and platinum you can get a market value for your coins all over the world. The market value for these coins is much higher than their face value. You could have a $50.00 face value American Eagle gold coin sell for a $950 market value.

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Next, compare American Eagle coin prices online and see which ones you want to invest in. If you have several $1000 you can invest in American Eagle gold coins. If you only have several $100 you can invest in American Eagle silver coins. And if you have more than that you could go for the platinum coins. Either way you will get precious metal coins that can grow in value over time.

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Best Precious Metal Coins to Buy - American Eagle Coins

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This article was published on 2010/03/30